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KeynaSoft.com makes it easy for founders to incorporate in the US and get access to American startup infrastructure, venture capital, seamless payment processing, and other benefits. No matter where in the world you’re located — we have you covered.

A step-up for creative thinkers working on great ideas

  The opportunity to build global products is now more accessible than ever before. KeynaSoft.com is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to get the most out of their expertise and vision — by providing them with the structure used by the most innovative companies.  

A simple yet efficient solution that helps you thrive

  Our simple online module takes only two minutes to complete. We take it from there to establish your new company. To help you succeed, KeynaSoft.com takes care of incorporation, legal documents, and securing an EIN. We can also help you setup a bank account. You’ll also get over $40k in startup rewards.  

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A comprehensive guide to help startup founders create, maintain, and grow a startup in the United States.

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  • State filling fees 
  • Certificate of formation 
  • Operating Agreement 
  • EIN number (Tax ID) 
  • Bank account opening 
  • First year of registered agent fees 
  • U.S address + mail forwading 
  • Free tax consultation 
  • Special offers from our partners
C Corporation
  • State filling fees 
  • Certificate of formation 
  • EIN number (Tax ID) 
  • Bylaws for your corporation 
  • Stock purchase agreement 
  • Initial resolutions 
  • Bank account opening 
  • First year of registered agent fees 
  • U.S address + mail forwading 
  • Free tax consultation 
  • Special offers from our partners

LLC or C Corporation 

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  • LLC
  • C Corporation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that most of our potential customers ask

Give your startup a head start.

American companies and clients are much more inclined to do business with other US registered LLCs and Corporations.
Most venture capital funds are located in the United States and are accustomed to working with American companies. Easily gain access to venture funding by incorporating in the US.
E-commerce is an essential element for most startups, yet international regulations can make it difficult to accept payment online. Establishing a US LLC or Corporation helps foreign founders get paid.
The US is ranked among the world’s top jurisdictions for facilitating business of all types by the World Bank. Incorporate in the US to bypass difficult local country regulations that get in the path of your success.
Companies that do business online may be eligible for certain tax benefits. Allocating revenue to a US based entity can put money into your pocket.
Foreign-owned US entities without physical
presence in America are generally not
taxed in the US.
The American startup ecosystem is ranked first globally. Incorporation in the US offers access to the best business infrastructure in the world including banking, funding, and accelerators.
Incorporation helps you access tools and
resources your business needs to grow.
Reaching US customers and other American businesses can be a challenge for international companies. Incorporating in the US helps you build trust with US-based consumers and seamlessly sign US contracts, making it quicker and easier to scale.
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More than just incorporation

The KeynaSoft Network © is a curated library of special offers and discounts from service providers, technology companies, and tools to support diverse group of founders and businesses.

Access to the KeynaSoft Network © is included with your incorporation fee.

$5,000 in Credit

  • Build and scale your online business or product  
  • AWS offers startups tools to grow your business

Up to $450 Cash Back

  • Sign-up for the credit card built for your business  
  • Brex is a corporate card and cash management tool

$2,000 in Credit

  • Create, your way   
  • Airtable blends spreadsheets and the power of databases

3 months free for contractors and 20% off

  • Payroll for remote teams   
  • Deel connects localized compliance and payments

Spend $1,000 and receive $50 cash-back

  • Banking built for startups all over the world   
  • Mercury makes bank accounts that help companies scale

20% Discount + Waived Fees

  • Save 50-80% in billable hours for equity administration   
  • Carta automates cap table management and 409A evaluation

14 day free trial and a 50% discount 

  • Get results in less time                                           
  • The world’s #1 CRM 

10% to 20% Discount

  • The best payroll for small business   
  • Gusto calculates, deposits, and files payroll taxes 

Free Consultation

  • The O-1 Visa Company                                                     
  • Passright supports professionals in the relocation

10% Discount

  • It's like having a VP of Growth in your pocket                                                          
  • Demand Curve is an effective way to grow your company 

2 Months Free

  • Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, and HR for your employees                                                               
  • Justworks handles the nitty-gritty of payroll, benefits, 

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  • Champions of customer service                                                                    
  • Zendesk is a service-first CRM company 

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  • Take bookkeeping off your hands forever                                                                        
  • Bench provides online bookkeeping services 

20% Discount for 6 Months On All Plans

  • Adds a US business phone number                                                                             
  • Openphone.co is the modern phone for small businesses 

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  • Pair with an expert who takes work off your plate 
  • Pilot offers bookkeeping, tax prep, CFO services 

$120,000 in Credit

  • Integrate with leading-edge technologies                                           
  • Build bigger with IBM Cloud 

20% Discount

  • Get help with legal requirements for your business                                               
  • iubenda gets websites compliant with international laws 

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  • Create software without writing code                                                          
  • Makerpad teaches how to build without coding 

15% Discount

  • Develop engaged & high-performing teams   
  • Performance management, employee engagement, and career development. 

1 Free Transfer

  • Transfer money online                                                                                                            
  • TransferWise helps transfer money abroad with low fees 

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  • Grow your startup right                                              
  • Baremetrics reveals data to make profitable decisions 

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  • Online invoicing made easy                                                                 
  • FreshBooks is all-in-one invoicing and accounting tool 

U.S. Bank Account

  • Banking built to streamline your business   
  • Relay empowers businesses with modern banking 

15% Discount on Pro Plan

  • Simple and responsive sites for pretty much anything                                                                                                                                
  • Carrd is for building fully responsive one-page sites 

Free Tax Consultation

  • Access expert financial solutions                                                                                                                                    
  • The right financial expertise at your fingertips 

Business Credit Card

  • See if you qualify for a Divvy corporate credit card                                      
  • Divvy lets you control spending in real time